Love Cats: Pet Sitting in and Around Cambridge, MA


LoveCats will officially close as of Dec. 1, 2015 and is not accepting new clients. 


What We Do
LoveCats sitters spend time with your munchkins in your home while you’re traveling. We can visit for various increments of time and, if necessary, twice per day. Our focus is attention and interaction. We are all about cheek rubs, head/neck massages, brushing, and as much play as possible. Of course, we do the expected things too: food, water, litter scooping.


Who We Are
Anne Taylor, business owner. Anne has been around furballs since she was 4 years old and still remembers the day her first cat had kittens, kicking off a life-long desire to be near them. Sadly, her husband Richard is severely allergic to cats — and that became the impetus for pet sitting. Anne initially started LoveCats as a side project in January 2010. It quickly became a success and since October 2011, she has been kitty sitting full time.

Amy Whitford, office manager. Amy found LoveCats while looking for someone to give TLC to her orange furball, Stringer Bell. She started working as a kitty helper in October 2013, and permanently joined the team in March 2014, working as a part-time office manager and sitter. Her kitty-loving days began as a child, when a cat showed up on the front seat of the family car when someone left the windows down. Cosby joined the family and it has been all cats, all the time ever since.

Lynsey Bourquin, cat sitter. Lynsey is a part-time preschool teacher who joined the LoveCats team in September 2014. She has been around cats since she was a baby and her family introduced her to the family cat, Rosy. Over the years, Lynsey has cared for and cuddled with many felines. These days, Lynsey’s primary charge is her chatty 13-year-old, diabetic Maine Coon named Punkin.

Kerry Riek, cat sitter. Kerry also became a LoveCats team member in September 2014. After 15 years as a chemical engineer, she is now a graduate nursing student at Northeastern. She was the proud parent of two large boy kitties, Miles and Pablo, whose favorite activity was sitting with her on the couch. Sadly, both love bugs passed away last year, so Kerry is ready to share her cat passion and caring nature with LoveCats clients.